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Welcome to my little patch of internet. This is where you’ll find my music, writing and other creative pursuits (like this and this). Hope you enjoy reading and listening. 

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I’ve always struggled to write the ‘about me’ section. It’s hard to summarise myself in just a few short sentences because, well, I have my hands in a lot of different pies. At the top of a very long list of ‘things’ that I am is: Mama. I am also a wife. But, being the fierce feminist that I am, I refuse to be defined by those two very glaringly obvious labels.

I am currently studying my arse off to complete a bachelors degree in psychological science (and I’m almost done.) I have a little side project called “The Bright Glow” which was born out of my studies.

I am also a blogger and writer rambler of words. I write about things I experience and am passionate about: motherhood, parenting, travel, spirituality, yoga, meditation, creativity, mental health and wellbeing/fitness.

I also co-run an active wear label called “ActiveInspite” I am so proud to be involved in this ethical, completely gorgeous, female empowered brand.

I also have a little side business dog walking, doggy daycare and dog sitting.

Finally, I am a musician and when I find the time in between raising babies I write music. I’ve been on the radio, television and released a couple of EPs. I’ve toured with some important people but eh. The real buzz for me comes from creating a song out of real feelings. I hardly gig these days but when I do you’ll find me doing house concerts, singing with my eyes closed tight.

This seems like a lot of things. And it is.

I just hate being bored.

CT x

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