Chloe Tully

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Chloe grew up on an isolated sheep and cattle station on the edge of the Simpson Desert with a dirt driveway that was 46km long. Her first memories of music are of making up songs in her head and singing along to the dusty cassette tapes in the car on family adventures to the city. Her Dad taught her to play guitar around the age of six and ever since Chloe’s guitar, songs and melodies have been an extension of her.

 Over the years Chloe’s music has been heard on the television and the radio. She has also released two EPs and toured them around Australia. She is signed to BMG.

 If you asked Chloe what her best and most favorite creation to date is, she would say her baby daughter.

 Along with writing music and being a full time Mum, Chloe blogs about health and wellbeing, runs activewear label ActiveInspite with her Mum Sandra and is studying a bachelor of Psychology.

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A    F E W    R A N D O M    N U G G E T S 

+ I’ve travelled all over the world but my most favourite place (that I keep going back to) is India. The dust, the colours, the smell… it got under my skin and stayed in my heart.

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+ I’m a spiritual being. I let my intuition guide me. Always. I’m so grateful of all the life lessons that taught me that first impressions and gut instincts are nearly always right. ❤

+ I met my (now) husband when I was ten years old. It took me almost fifteen years to work up the courage to tell him how I’d felt about him all those years. (Thank goodness I did!)

+ I’m a huge advocate of healthy living. I love to work out or move my body at least once a day. I believe in living a healthy life style (not a restrictive lifestyle) because I know it is vital to our mental health. About five years ago I was struck down with depression and I know full well that part of keeping that black dog at bay is feeding my bod with nutritious food, moving my bod with HIIT, yoga and walking, and nourishing my mind with meditation.

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+ One of the first songs (better ones) I wrote was a song called “Wallflower”. You can listen to it HERE

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As seen / heard on:

To The Dreamers - Official Video
Produced by Under the Bridge Media

Directed by Ashil Ranpara
Cinematography by Richard Bell
Edited by Ashil Ranpara and Shenil Ranpura
Set Design by Georgina Greenhill
1st Camera Assistant Robert Varkevisser
Concept by Chloe Tully