🌵d i r t y . t h i r t y 🌵

Dear Chloe,

Oh, where to start? You’re twenty and life seems so complicated. Surely things will turn around soon, right?

I wish I could say that the next five or so years will be a smooth run. Your life will be far from uneventful and it’s about to hit the rocks, girlie. You’re about to hit them HARD so brace yourself.✨

I wish I could give you ALL the advice to help you through this. I want to steer you away from the people that will shatter your heart. To tell you to sail away instead of waiting on the shore trying to save people from drowning in their own oceans of misery. To write more songs about that boy ( ‘cos that’s where the gold is, m’dear). To not dim your light for the sake of fitting into a group of people who don’t give shit about you. To bravely walk away. To say no. To save a little cash. To stop drinking so much and eat a vegetable or two just occasionally. No, potato does not count.✨

I want to tell you that your life is a natural series of knots and twists. It’s intricate, dark and yet still beautiful. You aren’t one of those souls who just “knows” what they want to be when they grow up. You could be so many things which makes choosing a path to stick to so hard. But that’s OKAY. You’ll be a lot of things. You’re going to try on a lot of hats to work out who you are. Who you REALLY are.✨

I wish I could warn you about the horrendous mess ups, and major f*ck ups and break ups. You’ll reach a point where you’ll question the value of your own life because of the way some boy treats you. And even while this relationship relentlessly crashes over your head you’ll remain above the water. Buoyant with the dreams of an easy life with a special person you’ve set your sights on for a long time now (you know who I’m taking about).✨

I want to tell you all these things, to save you the pain.

But I won’t.

Because without the rain there would be no flowers. 🌸And your life,

in spite of everything,

will become beautiful garden.

Keep your face towards the sun

young Wild Flower.



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