🌵l i t t l e. e x p l o r e r 🌵

Before we became parents we had a few ideas about what we would do and wouldn’t do once baby came along. 🙄We broke pretty much all of our so called “rules”… as most parents tend to do! Turns out parenting is soooo much easier raising nonexistent kids than real ones. 😱 But when you finally have them physically in your life you quickly realise that you’ll do pretty much anything to survive those first hairy, sleep deprived months. And you keep making and breaking rules as you go along. 😂We broke soooo many: no co sleeping, no dummy, no sugar…. we smashed them to bits. ALL except for one rule: baby would travel with us.

Perhaps it’s circumstance and some would say we are just lucky (some have said the next one will be different etc) but so far we’ve managed to keep up the adventures. We haven’t made it to South America (yet… )haha, but Aquila sure has racked up the miles in the car / plane / train / boat. I guess my old ignorant non-parent self would be proud. She’d have that smug look on her face – the kind that parents like me want to punch. Lol. My actual self is exhausted because travel with kids isn’t quite what I expected. It’s hard work. For us it requires the mammoth effort of two parents and many others along the way to help out. But the adventure is well worth the effort in the end.



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