🌵mama musings 🌵

h u s h

I cannot wait to finally hold the little person swirling hidden under the fabric. Mostly, I can’t wait for my two babies to meet. Aquila is completely smitten with Hush. She asks to kiss and look my belly every day, pulling up my shirt to get a better look. She asks so many questions about her new sibling. It warms my heart that she is so intrigued by babies. If we see them out and about she stops everything to watch in awe. She doesn’t seem “put out” at the prospect of having to share her mama and her things with the new baby. *insert sigh of relief*

Yesterday, after a gorgeous morning in the sun we all snuggled up in bed together for an afternoon nap. Aquila wedged herself into the remaining groove of my body and fell asleep. I wonder how she’ll do this when I’m nine months along? She didn’t seem to notice Hush wiggling gently against her. (Ive captured some of the sleepy cuteness in my Instagram stories). I have a feeling these two will be very good friends.🌵

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